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Putting My Faith in the Faithless (Electors) - Electoral College Musical Music Video

Interested in learning more about the Electoral College and taking action? Scroll below for explanations, stories, and useful links about how to contact electors and your representatives and senators....

THE GOLDEN APPLE - SF Olympians 2013

THE GOLDEN APPLE by Allison Page. SF Olympians November 20 2013, Exit Theater. Directed by Charles Lewis III. Starring Megan Briggs (Hera), Melissa Clason (Athena), Juliana Egley (Aphrodite), Don Hard...

Westward Oakland Temple Pageant 2003

Westward from 2003 Oakland Temple Pageant featuring Don Hardwick as Brigham Young

Master of the Moment - Oakland Temple Pageant 2007.flv

Master of the Moment - Oakland Temple Pageant 2007

Darker Shades of Grey

CSU Monterey Bay film - first film for Don Hardwick as Security Man

Alone Mr Wells

Mr. Wells scenes from Alone, a film from CSU Monterey Bay featuring Don Hardwick

Stranger in the Night

Film from Academy of Art University by Nanako Fukui featuring Don Hardwick

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Academy of Art University film Directing Class directed by Enato Isukal, featuring Don Hardwick and Mike Bauman

David's Pizza Commercial

This guy loves pizza. From the film "KNFR From 7:00-7:30". & Directed by Vincent Gargiulo. Starring Anthony Rollins-Mullens. Voice-Over by Don Hardwick.

Vote No On Norse

Political Ad for Mayoral Candidate Dan Gracey vs. Danish Mayor Åsbjørn Østergaard. From the film "KNFR From 7:00-7:30." Directed by Vincent Gargiulo. Starring Scott Stanley and Don Hardwick

Privilege to Pee - URINETOWN

From the Douglas Morrisson Theatre production. Lisa Tateosian as Penelope Pennywise

A Hot Day In Ephesus by Vicki Siegel

Directed by Bruce Coughran. Based on Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors, A HOT DAY IN EPHESUS is about two sets of twins; twin masters both named Antipholus and twin servants both named Dromio - separ...

The Typist | Behind the Scenes

On-set documentary covering Abe Heisler's film, "The Typist," a film about a protagonist living in the past and using only an old-school typewriter, who also is unlucky in love and searching for his t...


Home Is Where the Hearth Is from A Cricket on the Hearth by Richards Jennings - Project demo

Westward from Oakland Temple Pageant 2003 - Brigham Young

Master of the Moment from Oakland Temple Pageant 2007 - Joseph Smith Sr.

00:00 / 04:45

Home is Where the Health Is

00:00 / 03:34

Westward - Temple Pageant 2003

00:00 / 03:56

Master of the Moment - Oakland Temple Pageant 2007

The Lottery

A young orphan finds a way to get some new shoes.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Mockumentary about the Verizon guy.

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