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Don Hardwick - Actor / Singer / Director / Playwright / Composer / Vocal Coach
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Theatre Companies / Venues
100% CityFide Entertainment
Academy of Art University
ACT Costume Shop
Battle Stache Studios
Bauhaus North Beach
Bay Area Stage
Boxcar Theatre
Bread & Butter Films
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph
City of Livermore
Custom Made Theatre
Dragon Theatre
Dramatists Guild
Grand Theatre for the Arts
Inhabit Productions
International Language Studies
Jump! Theatre
Living Bethlehem
Made Here Media
Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
Music Café
Musically Minded Academy
Orpheum Theatre
Pacific Boychoir Academy
Palace Theatre
Peninsula Temple Shalom
Phoenix Theatre
Piedmont Oakland Repertory Theatre
Play Cafe
Ravenswood Theatricals
Reinstein Ranch
Saint Alban's Church
Saint Mary's Catholic Church Vacaville
San Francisco Community Music Center
Santa Clara University
Scary Cow Productions
Thick House
Tides Theatre
Tracy Repertory Theatre
23 Renoirs, 12 Picassos . . . and Domenica
24-Hour Play Fest: How Did Vanilla Get a Bad Rap
24-Hour Play Fest: Making Waves
24-Hour Play Fest: The Devil Made Me Do It
24-Hour Play Fest: Unexpected Surprises
24-Hour Play Fest: Full Circle
24-Hour Play Fest: The Queen's Bad Breath
24-Hour Play Fest: The Enemy Is Us
A Baker's Dozen
A House Divided
A Hundred Blocks
American Hearts
Annie 2017
Annie 2011
Are We Almost There?!!!
Blood and Silk
Blood of My Subjects
Blood Tango
Can You Hear Me?
Circular Reasoning
Controlled Substances
Delphin & the Children of Amphitrite
Do You Believe in Magic?
Drumming With Anubis
Eagles in Heaven
Eight Is Great
End Games
Fat Tuesday
Fishy Tale
For Our Benefits
Forgive Me, Brother
Fresh Voices XVII: Feet First into the Fire
Golden Apple of Discord
Growing the Business
Highway Walls
I'd Rather Be Dead
Into the Beautiful North
It Came From Fukushima
It's the End of the World, You Can Sleep When You're Dead
James & the Giant Peach
Jarvis (Proposition 13)
Jobs (feature film)
Journey to Living Bethlehem
Last Train to Rockridge
Meet Cute
Merritt Squad!
Monkey 1000
Nasty Women
Off We Go
Oh Good Lord!
On Golden Pond
Opportunity Costs
PCSF Playoffs 2016: Round One
Peninsula Temple Shalom 60th Anniversary Program
Playing with Death
Playwrights Center New Play Development Series
P.S. I Love You
San Francisco Fringe Festival
San Francisco, Here I Come
San Francisco Olympians Festival IV: Trojan Requiem
San Francisco Olympians Festival VI: Wine Dark Sea
San Francisco Olympians Festival VII: Harvest of Mysteries
Screaming Queens
Shell Game
ShortLived VI
ShortLived VII
The Beast and Mr. James
The Dance Card
The Glue Gun
The Golden Apple of Discord
The Helmet
The Lottery Ticket
The Max Factor Factor
The Speakeasy
The Spear
The Sword
The Undoing
The Voting Pool
The Wooden Box
Too Good to be True
Trouble at Table 2
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